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《食得型》工作坊 (名額已滿)


也許你已看過戴德蒙醫生的《不用血型 不同飲食》一書,甚至已經根據你的血型飲食了,而且減了幾磅或有些病痛已消失了。是不是很興奮,想跟家人朋友分享一下呢?






Eat Right Workshop (Full)

You may have heard of the Blood Type Diet through this site or my Eat Right! Facebook page. You may even be tempted to get started on eating right according to your blood type. But there is so much information to digest.

Feeling overwhelming? How do you start? 

Or, you may have read Dr. D’Adamo’s book “Eat Right 4 Your Type.” You may even have started to eat according to your blood type by eliminating a few avoids and adding some beneficial. Maybe you have shed a few pounds or have gotten rid of some health problems.

Feeling excited? Want to share your experience with other BTDers, friends or family members?

Maybe you think you are eating right but still don’t seem to be able to shed any pounds or have the kind of health improvements you expected.

Feeling puzzled? Perhaps there is a missing link somewhere—a hidden “avoid” ingredient in one of your favorite foods? Or maybe you are eating an “avoid” frequently without knowing that you should eliminate it from your diet?

Maybe you know what you should and shouldn’t eat, but just don’t know where to get the food or how to cook the healthy dishes?

Need some hands-on tips? A few tweaks or tricks in your daily routine and some shopping and dining recommendations could help turn things around.

Here is a chance to share what you have been going through and ask questions!

Sign up now for a free group session and get your hands on how to improve your health with the guidance of health coach Louisa Hansen, who has had six years’ experience with individualized nutrition and a wealth of information to share. The sign-up form is right below this message (The workshop is full. Thanks for your support!).

One-on-One Sessions 

Can’t make it to the group session? Got too many questions to ask? Want to work with me confidentially and in the comfort of your home?

Sign up now for a free one-on-one session via Skype or phone. Spaces are limited to two one-hour sessions during the month of December. Act now and secure your space.

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