本網站總來訪人數快達十萬 Number of Site Visitors Approaches 100K

Eat Right site statistics



How time flies! This site has been set up for a year and four months, and I am very happy to share with you, dear readers, the site statistics so far. The total number of visitors is getting close to 100,000  and the number of page views have surpassed 132,000. The most read article is the one about the harmful effects of wheat 你中咗麵粉毒未? which got 82,453 views, followed by the one that explains the scientific basis of the Blood Type Diet 血型飮食法背後的科學根據, which got 20,998 views.

Heartfelt thanks for your enthusiasm and support. Your curiosity will take you where you have never even dreamt of before. I look forward to traveling further with you in your quest for a healthier life.



Dr D'Adamo's Multi-mineral Formula - Phytocal http://bit.ly/1VMpBqb

大家都知道鈣質對骨骼健康的重要性,很多到了中年的人士都會購買一些鈣片來補充隨年齡增長而流失的鈣質。但近年來有不少科學報告指出,鈣片對健康存有副作用,例如會增加患心臟病的機會(尤其是女性),其原因是,坊間的鈣片大多屬於碳酸鈣(主要成份是石灰石) 或檸檬酸鹽(一般是從糖、粟米或澱粉發酵而成),這些物質除了沉澱物非常多,身體吸收率很低之外,還會“弄巧反拙”,使軟組織和器官產生鈣化、發炎。相反,質素較高的鈣片則是由植物直接提煉的,它可以很順暢地被人體吸收,不會在體内產生多餘或有害的物質。




A 型獨特配方:

Phytocal A含有硒(一種重要的抗氧化物),另外還有對腸胃非常有益的甜菜堿鹽酸化物、凝乳酶及龍膽根,以及充滿礦物質的馬尾草。加上相當份量的天然骨黃酮,有促進鈣質吸收的作用。最後配以維他命A,令胃裏的碱性磷酸酶運作得更好,而碱性磷酸酶在吸收鈣質方面也扮演著重要的角飾。

B 型獨特配方:

Phytocal B含有份量平衡的硒、維他命D、K 和鋅,亦含有對骨骼和肌肉都有強化作用的骨黃酮,另外還有對B型有益的釩(一種微量元素)。

O 型獨特配方:

Phytocal O 含有份量平衡的鎂、鐵、銅和鋅,亦含有促進筋骨健康的錳,以及促進甲狀腺健康的碘。另外,配方還含有大蕁麻葉,有助礦物質在小腸裏的吸收。

AB 型獨特配方:

Phytocal AB 含有較高份量對AB型有益的鎂、錳和鉬質,以及幫助增強消化能力的甜菜堿鹽酸化物和凝乳酶。另外,配方還含有皺葉酸模,是一種容易吸收的天然鐵質來源。


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戒除B型兩大避忌,成功根治皮膚過敏症 Testimonial from Type B: Eliminating Tomatoes and Corns Cures Skin Allergy

Tomatoes and Corns should be avoided by Type B individuals


“Ever since I was little, I had been having skin allergy. I have seen a lot of doctors but the best I could get was temporary relief. I thought it had to do with the type of skincare products I used. A few years ago, I visited Russia. During the trip, I ate a lot of tomatoes and corn. There weren’t many other vegetables available and I was shocked that these were what people ate day in and day out! When I came back, I got a serious case of skin allergy. My entire mouth was swollen. The doctor said it may have to do with nutritional imbalance, but he couldn’t offer a solution. A few months later, I even had a severe case of tonsillitis and was admitted to the hospital’s emergency room. The doctor could not pinpoint what the cause was.

After the surgery, I heard about the Blood Type Diet from Louisa. She told me that as a Type B individual, I should avoid tomatoes and corns, among others. So I started to eliminate the two from my diet entirely. Since then, I have never had a single case of skin allergy. I am quite a lazy person, so I don’t follow the Blood Type Diet closely. But simply cutting the worst “avoids”—tomatoes and corns—has improved my health. I don’t miss my tomatoes and corns anymore and I can say that it is definitely worth a try.”

~C. Leung

Top photo by Eat Right.
Bottom photo by keem1201, royalty-free image from Pixabay.

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Organic Food Discount Month 有機食品優惠月

Eat Right HK-Bioland Promo Coupon

《食得型》很高興與《有機源》健康食品店合作,為讀者推出有機食品優惠月。由即日起,凡在《有機源》店鋪購買兩件貨品,就能獲得九折優惠;購買三件或以上貨品,更能獲得八折優惠。如果訂閲《食得型》電子通訊,更能獲得額外5%折扣。請在以下表格填上您的姓名和電郵,在訂閲後,閣下會在電子郵箱内收到《食得型》電子折扣券,憑券到《有機源》購買食品 、飲品或護膚品時,只需在手機上出示折扣券便可獲得上述優惠,優惠期至2015年10月31日爲止,期間可無限次使用。


We are happy to announce that Eat Right is teaming up with Bioland to offer our readers special discounts on high-quality organic products from Germany. During the entire month of October, get 10% off when you purchase two items at the store, and 20% off when you buy three or more products. To get a further 5% off all your purchases, simply subscribe to Eat Right’s newsletter. An electronic coupon code will be emailed to you upon your subscription. The discount code can be used multiple times. Just present the coupon on your smartphone when checking out at the store.

Bioland is located in Allied Plaza, Mongkok.



客户評價:Polyflora益生菌配方有助改善消化問題 Customer Testimonial: Polyflora Helps Solve Digestive Problems

D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition, Polyflora for Type O: http://bit.ly/1FmHlpM“過去由於工作關係,飲食不定時,所以經常會胃痛。但吃了戴醫生Polyflora益生菌配方幾天後,便發現胃痛的情形減少了。另外,我又在肚餓時立即吃一條UNIBAR零麩質的有機能量棒,結果胃痛即刻停止,而且本來一向服用的胃葯也不用吃了。今後我會少吃麩質的食物,並期望我的健康會慢慢好轉。”

“After consuming the Polyflora for a few days, it actually helps with my stomach problems, which I’ve got a lot due to irregular meal time at work. I am also pretty surprised about the gluten-free energy bar, as once when I felt hungry and my stomach started to yell in pain, I ate some energy bar and the stomach ache went away soon and there was no need for the pills, which I usually needed every time when the stomach was in pain. Now I will try to consume less gluten-containing food and am looking forward to the good change in my health.”

~ Priscilla L.

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血型飲食法見證:Josh (O型)Blood Type Diet Testimonial: Josh (Type O)

23歲的Josh,O型血,自幼很多病痛,但自從同事向他介紹 《不同血型,不同飲食》這本書之後,他便開始根據O型餐單飲食,結果過去的大小病痛都逐一消失,而且還開始充滿精力。後來他跟一些朋友和女友介紹了這種飲食方式,結果身體都有意想不到的改善,而且女友在不用多做運動的情況下,頓時瘦身。請聽下Josh的故事吧!

23-year old Josh, with Blood Type O, has been suffering from numerous ailments since he was a child. One day, his colleague introduced “Eat Right 4 Your Type” to him. After reading it from cover to cover, he decided to give the Blood Type Diet a try. As a result, his ailments disappeared one after another, and he is experiencing an unprecedented boost in energy to last him through the whole day. Later on he recommended his friends and girlfriend to try it, and they also were pleasantly surprised. His Type-A girlfriend even slimmed down without having to do an additional exercise. Have a listen to Josh’s story!


冰條 popsicle



希臘式無糖乳酪 – 200毫升(O型人要避免,可用一羹O型蛋白粉及兩條香蕉代替)
藍莓/蔓越莓/菠蘿/布霖 – 約半量杯
礦泉水 – 250毫升
小荳蔻種子 – 半茶匙
肉桂粉 – 少許 (B型人要避免,可用黃薑粉代替)
藍色龍舌蘭糖漿(隨意)- 1湯匙
海鹽 – 少許


  1. 把所有材料放進攪拌機内,攪拌約1分鐘(因不同攪拌機的馬力而調整所需時間)。
  2. 把攪拌完的乳酪飲品倒入冰條的容器裏。
  3. 放入冰格,隔夜雪藏。
  4. 吃之前用自來水在容器外面沖洗1-2分鐘,冰條就會慢慢在容器裏鬆脫。
  5. Enjoy!

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