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《食得型》Eat Right


大家好!我是《食得型》版主Louisa,由於多年前因健康問題而四處搜羅天然食療和養身工具,從中發掘到不少“妙方”,尤其是在2009年開始奉行的《血型飲食法》(Blood Type Diet),從此體質獲得極大改善,大部份從小到大都有的毛病也一一消失。憑著有好東西要公諸同好的心態,便開始把我的飲食和健康心得、資訊以及食譜,藉著這個平台,與有志以天然方式改善健康的人士分享。








© 除非另外注明,本網站所有文字及圖片的版權均屬《食得型》版主,不得抄襲或盗用。

Welcome to the “Eat Right!” Blog

This website is set up to promote healthy eating and living based on “tried-and-tested” formulas resulting from my personal health journey. A couple of years ago, due to some serious health issues, I started to look for natural ways to heal my body. During the process, I found many wonderful tricks and secrets. Topping the list is the “Blood Type Diet,” which I started to follow in 2009. Since then, I have cured myself of a myriad of ailments that have bothered me since childhood. I have to say I never felt so alive and energetic since I was 7! Feeling compelled to share good things with my fellow human beings, I started to blog about healthy eating and living, as well as provide information and recipes through this platform (as well as an earlier, English-only blog, Align with Nature). I hope that my blogs will help those who are interested in improving their health and well-being through natural ways.

The focus of this blog is to introduce the Blood Type Diet through suggestions and tips on individualized nutrition and exercises. The Blood Type Diet can help you boost your immune system, adjust your weight according to your body’s natural needs, and a lot more. At the same time it can help your body tap into its natural healing power, reducing the chances of your getting sick and preventing chronic diseases. If you follow the Blood Type Diet, you will naturally not be spending money on food that would be harmful to your unique body type, so it will help you safe money too!

On this blog, I post recipes catered for different blood types, many of which are suitable for all blood types. Eating right can be so much fun and even delicious too!

Eat and exercise according to your type, and you will find great improvements in your health and well-being, even reversing your biological clock so you can live longer and better!

To your health!


Eat Right! Blogger and Health Coach

Note: In additional to the Blood Type Diet, this site also introduces other health information that does not originate from Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s work. All information related to the Blood Type Diet, however, is tagged accordingly.

© Article and photos copyright of 食得型公司 Eat Right Company (except otherwise indicated).

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